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After contacting us, one of our untrained TRSA monkeys will wait one week, open your email and randomly hit keys on the keyboard to generate a reply. This is actually the same level of support you received from that $200 application you purchased last month. The only difference is that we tell you what to expect now, and thereby can rightly claim to be offering superior service. It also helps provide employment to the laid off NASA space-capsule monkeys let go from budget cut-backs.


If our randomly generated primate reply does not help you then one of our partially trained lemurs will delete your next email and wait for you to contact us again. If you get past our lemur filters, then we feel you have earned the privelege to make contact with a human being of at least average intelligence. But, if you should wish to skip right to step 3 now, then simply click below:




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"When you need superior support operated only by primates, then contact TRSA."

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