Top Secret Recorder: iPhone covert recordings, stealth recording
Top Secret Recorder - stealth audio recording for the iPhone

Top Secret Audio


Secretly record conversations, meetings, and other audio without anyone knowing your iPhone recorder has been activated – even when you’re not in the room!   To get the total Sean Connery -- Roger Moore (but not George Lazenby) package, switch your binoculars over to Top Secret Recorder Pro to add covert camera and video recording capabilities.


Legal Disclaimer: TRSA and Top Secret are not endorsed by or affiliated with Sean Connery or Roger Moore, nor have they worked for or with TRSA on promotions or covert ops -- plus George Lazenby probably doesn't even like us very much.


Document:  Top Secret Audio Capabilities     Level: Classified.


  • Store your recordings in a private password protected library
  • Specify start and stop times for recordings with the scheduler
  • Record always or only when sound is detected
  • Blank the screen or display realistic backgrounds of a news page or any other screen to camouflage your activity.
  • Capture and flip between your own custom camouflage backgrounds
  • Secure scheduled recordings with a generic password screen
  • Easily start and stop recordings by tapping anywhere on the screen
  • Hide the menu for discrete recordings
  • Play back, pause, fast forward, and rewind recordings.
  • E-mail recordings to yourself or to others.
  • Top Secret is discretely installed as PS Recorder to your iPhone to avoid undue attention, CIA investigations, questions from your wife or girl , or even questions from your CIA girlfriend.

Document:  Operational Uses     Level: Classified.



  • Secretly record conversations when you’re in or out of the room.
  • Did they really like you or your ideas or were they just being polite?
  • Always have proof of key conversations “just in case.”
  • Record a meeting or lecture so that you can transcribe it later.
  • Play a practical joke or impress a friend.
  • Record nannies, friends, family, coworkers, or anyone you wish,
  • Top Secret Audio Requirements: Any iPhone with OS 3.0 or higher or iPod 2nd generation and newer with a microphone attachment.

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"When you want to record your brother and blame it on your younger sister -- then you need Top Secret."

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