Top Secret Recorder Pro: iPhone Spy Camera, Covert Recordings, Video Surveillance

Top Secret Recorder Pro Capabilities Briefing


   Top Secret Recorder Pro contains today's most advanced surveillance capabilities for the iPhone.

Document:Top Secret Recorder Pro Capabilities     Level: Classified.


  • Advanced time-delayed motion-detection photo capture capability
  • 3 spy tools in one:  Camera, Video, and Audio recording  (video on 3GS or newer)
  • Top Secret let’s you operate in stealth mode or quickly swipe the screen to reveal a tiny, discrete live camera preview window.  Swipe again to instantly hide!
  • Secure your photos & recordings in a private password protected vault on your iPhone
  • Caution: Most competitors save images to your public camera roll for all to see!
  • Schedule time-delayed recordings with audio/motion detection for camera, video or audio capture -- another Top Secret Recorder Pro exclusive!
  • Recording only when sound is detected let’s you jump right to the action later
  • Blank the screen or display realistic backgrounds of a news article or any other screen to camouflage your activity
  • Capture and easily flip between your own custom camouflage backgrounds
  • Secure your scheduled recordings with a generic password screen
  • Easily snap a photo or start recording by tapping anywhere on the screen
  • Quickly hide the menu for stealth recordings
  • Play back, pause, fast forward, and rewind recordings
  • E-mail photos, video, and audio recordings to yourself or to others
  • Copy to camera roll and then sync to desktop
  • Keep out prying eyes with a passcode prompt on startup.
  • Top Secret Recorder Pro is discretely installed as TSR Pro on your iPhone to avoid any undue attention from the NSA, FBI, CIA, NRA, FDA, or AARP.


TIP:  Turn your phone to vibrate to silence the camera sounds for fully stealth operation.



Document:  Operational Uses     Level: Classified.


  • Discretely snap that funny or incriminating photo without being noticed
  • Secretly record conversations when you’re IN or OUT of the room
  • Did they really like you and your ideas or were they just being polite?
  • Always have proof of key conversations “just in case”
  • Record a meeting or lecture so that you can transcribe it later
  • Play a practical joke, or impress a friend as a secret agent
  • Record suspicious looking nannies, the tooth fairy, ex-mother-in-laws, the girl next door, family, coworkers, pointy-haired bosses, or last year's reality TV star -- but remember: do it only for national security.

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"When the world is resting on your shoulders, when only you stand between good and evil, then only Top Secret can help (and perhaps some actual training, a large gun, a fast car, a martini, and a good amount of poker money). "

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