Top Secret Camera: iPhone covert spy photo snapshots
Top Secret Camera - stealth camera for the iPhone

Top Secret Camera


So you're at a party and want to snap some hilarious photos of someone without looking like a paparazzi stalker from West LA. What do you do? Pull out your trusty iPhone and start reading the news or check your email -- with Top Secret. Thing is you're not reading about some talking heads on TV, but actually snapping photos and storing them safely away in your Top Secret password protected vault.


Have a sneaking suspicion that Professor Plumb is doing it in the library, but need hard proof? Just launch Top Secret Camera, walk away, and let your motion-detection camera do the rest.


When photos alone aren't good enough and you need to go completely James Bond, check out Top Secret Recorder Pro for Video, Camera, and Audio recording action rolled into one.


Document:  Top Secret Camera Capabilities     Level: Classified.


  • Advanced time-delayed motion-detection camera snapshot capability
  • Only Top Secret let’s you operate in stealth mode or quickly swipe the screen to reveal a tiny, discrete live camera preview window.  Swipe again to instantly hide!
  • Secure your recordings in a private password protected vault on your iPhone
  • Caution: Most competitors save images to your public camera roll for all to see!
  • Schedule time-delayed snapshots with motion detection
  • By snapping photos continuously at your phone's maximum speed and then automatically discarding all duplicates, you can jump right to the action later
  • Blank the screen or display realistic backgrounds of a news article or any other screen to camouflage your activity
  • Capture and easily flip between your own custom camouflage backgrounds
  • Secure your scheduled recordings with a generic password screen
  • Easily start recording by tapping anywhere on the screen
  • Quickly hide the menu for stealth operation
  • Play back, pause, fast forward, and rewind recordings
  • E-mail photos to yourself or to others
  • Copy to camera roll and then sync to desktop
  • Top Secret Camera is discretely installed as PS Camera to avoid undue attention
  • Keep out prying eyes with a passcode prompt on startup.


TIP:  Turn your phone to vibrate to silence the camera clicking sounds for full stealth operation.

Document:  Operational Uses     Level: Classified.


  • Secretly snap photos when you’re IN or OUT of the room
  • Document someone's presence while you're away
  • Play a practical joke, or impress a friend as a secret agent
  • Photograph celebrities, wannabe celebrities, family, politicians, or even celebrity politicans who are your family.

TS Video: Launch Mission     TS Recorder Pro: Launch Mission


Top Secret Video

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"When you want an iPhone spy gadget that will detect radioactive isotopes, warn you when your mother-in-law is on her way over, and make you coffee in the morning -- well, this isn't it."

--Top Secret Agent,

  Deep cover operative