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iPhone Becomes A “Spy Phone” With The Launch of Top Secret Audio From Top Rated Spy Apps, LLC.


New iPhone Application Now Available In The iPhone App Store Enables Stealth Recording Capabilities For The 5MM iPhone Users


May 27th, 2010: Gotham City, Delaware:  Top Rated Spy Apps, LLC (TRSA) Today Announced the release of the Top Secret Audio, a spy software application for Apple Corp’s (NASDAQ: APPL) iPhone App Store©.


Top Secret Audio enables iPhone users to privately activate the iPhone’s recording capability and record sounds or conversations within earshot of their iPhone without being detected. The Top Secret Audio application leaves no visible clue that it has been activated or is recording conversations.  The screen can either remain blank or a pre-selected image can be displayed to increase the camouflage.  Anyone who picks up the iPhone to inspect it is asked to enter the iPhone’s password  (which of course they won’t know) making it a completely stealth application.


Top Secret Audio is available for $0.99 in the iPhone App Store.


With over 34 million iPhone users worldwide, the market opportunity is significant, but so too is the opportunity of iPhone users to capture:  

  • rude customer service experiences

  • statements made by colleagues or supervisors

  • promises offered by vendors

or simply to record conversations they hope to transcribe at a later time.  Top Secret Audio transforms the common iPhone into a stealth and un-detectable spy tool. 


iPhone users don’t have to worry that their audio recording activities can or will be discovered because Top Secret Audio cannot be easily detected. 


Top Secret Audio is currently available in Apple’s iTunes App Store and runs on the iPhone (or iPod Touch w/microphone attachement).  Top Secret Audio features: 

  • User-selected news, email, or other screens for maximum camouflage while in use – simply select a photo or screen capture from your iPhone’s “camera roll” as the default screen while the application is running.

  •  A collection of screen shots are also supplied with the program

  •  Password protection mode that enables the application to run and record conversations while the screen iPhone screen is off.


(iPhone users should respect local laws concerning one or two party notification before using Top Secret Audio.  Top Secret  Recorder is intended for lawful use only and should not be used in violation of local, state, or federal laws)


About Top Rated Spy Apps: 


Top Rated Spy Apps, LLC (TRSA), is a Delaware Corporation formed in 2009 to develop surveillance software iPhone platform.  TRSA’s first product, Top Secret Audio is currently available and two additional applications, Top Secret Camera and Top Secret Video are coming soon.  TRSA’s mission is to empower iPhone owners to capture images, video and sounds without detection, in privacy.  Top Secret Audio is the first of three steps toward completing that mission.

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