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About Top Rated Spy Apps, LLC


Top Rated Spy Apps (TRSA) is a Delaware Corporation run out of a bat cave somewhere in Gotham City, Delaware – underground, of course. None of our full-time employees live in or work out of Delaware. We have no full-time employees. Our software developers work in a pitch black room and do not know one another – and are not allowed to speak. No software developer knows the name or identify of the other software developers. If a software developer makes a mistake or otherwise compromises the perfection of the Top Secret product, they are taken to a special room and their brain is erased using a bright strobe light, very similar to the one used in the movie, “Men In Black (our next application will be a commercial release of “the Mind Eraser” utility for the iPhone – watch for it)” and their employment is immediately terminated. They wake up the next morning believing that they were abducted by aliens and believing it was a really cool experience.


All of our software developers are independent contractors and none have any benefits or healthcare. However, all of our software developers are under the age of 14 because that’s where you find true creative genius so they are all in good health. No animals were harmed in the creation of Top Secret. No fish were consumed during the development of Top Secret software. No Aliens were employed in the development of Top Secret. No Aliens were harmed in the creation of Top Secret software. Top Secret software does not contain High Fructose Corn Syrup. Or sugar. No artificial coloring or additives were used in the creation of Top Secret software. Top Secret is not for use by stupid people – you know who you are. Top Secret is not for use by criminals. Use Top Secret in accordance with your state and local laws. It might also be a good idea to know the Federal Laws and the laws of the state you are in before using Top Secret. The makers of Top Secret Software accept no liability for your illegal use of Top Secret applications. No radioactive isotopes were used in the creation of Top Secret software. None of our employees were spied on during its development -- except in cases where we felt it was necessary for national security.


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