Top Secret Recorder: iPhone Spy Camera, Covert Recordings, Video Surveillance

Covert Surveillance, Secret Recordings, and Espionage


Top Secret Recorder

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The ultimate stealth iPhone spy camera , Top Secret Recorder Pro covertly takes photos, video, and audio recordings without anyone ever knowing – even when you’re not in the room!   Finally, discretely capture those priceless moments at a party without looking like a paparazzi, or use Top Secret Recorder to monitor your nanny when you’re away.  Record anyone while keeping your iPhone’s screen blank or camouflaged. 


Unlike its imitators, with Top Secret your video, audio, and photos are all fully password protected.   Only with Top Secret can you discretely snap a photo and record video or audio when it appears that you’re reading the news or that your phone is turned off.


Want to know who’s stealing your underwear, filling up your sock with shaving cream, or if the tooth fairy really exists? (Bad news Santa Clause – you’re gonna be found-out!) Want to see who’s sneaking a peak at your laptop computer or e-mail account? Just launch Top Secret and walk away! While you’re gone, Top Secret’s government funded (still waiting for reimbursement) sound/motion activated technology will record all of the key and incriminating events.


Even if someone touches your iPhone while it’s recording to "awaken" the screen, they’ll immediately be prompted to input your security code.  Even if someone entered your passcode, they’d just see a web page or anything else you wanted.   When you want an iPhone spy gadget that would make James Bond envious, look no further than Top Secret Recorder.

Your Mission: Covert Ops.

Target: Selected.

Status: Classified.

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Top Secret Recorder


"When you lack the skill, the training, and the millions of dollars of government financing, then you need Top Secret."

--Top Secret Agent,

  Deep cover operative